Zoom is a tool that is commonly used by business owners and online marketers.

Zoom is the best place to conduct online meetings and allows you to see use video to see other participants and is also great for screen sharing when needed. The video and audio quality are far superior compared to other services like skype.

Zoom is the best tool for people who are running marketing webinars, online team presentations and allows you to run slides and share your screen with big audiences.

Attendees are able to join LIVE, and you can record the presentation so people can listen to the replay or can be added to your marketing funnel. Using the recording in automated emails allows you to use that content for years to come.

A Simple Way For Creating Your First Online Course!

Zoom is one of the most popular tools for creating online courses and you may have seen this before yourself. This is how it’s implemented:

The webinar is promoted as a live event, usually some sort of coaching webinar, and participants are able to join live or a time that suits them.

Zoom is commonly used for people creating their first online course. Here’s how it’s commonly done:

You promote the course as a Live online coaching course. You then have the option to stay it’s starting now, or give them some time slots over the next 1-2 days.

You market your course as a Live group coaching course. And say it’s starting soon. You could give a date but some of the “bigger names” tell their story on creating their first online courses, they had to keep moving their start times as more and more participants piled in for that first one. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Everything will be OK.

Once you have gathered a small group you can use Zoom to conduct live sessions (you can run a session once per week for a certain amount of weeks, for example).

You can then use the recording from the lesson you have conducted and use it as a course or content for a membership site. Now you have a product you can sell (you can keep selling this product on auto-pilot without having to personally teach and having to keep creating new content.

Can Be Used As a Video Screen Capture Tool

Zoom is the perfect tool if you are wanting to do screen recordings of presentations, and it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any editing. There are lots of screen recording software but personally we find Zoom the easiest to use.

It allows you to record the presentation in one take and is able to be uploaded with a push of a button. Without editing, it makes it super simple and easy to use.

As you can see Zoom isn’t just for Live webinars but can also be used in all the other ways mentioned above. Many of the videos we use that include the presentation slides (or when you see us walking people through webpages or the computer). These are all done on Zoom.

It’s an important tool we use in the business and we couldn’t get by without it. It’s one of the tools we recommend highly.

Pricing and the plans they offer are very reasonable.

Learn More about Zoom’s Pricing and Plans Here

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