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Top 10 Things To Do In Tangalle Sri Lanka In 2023

Welcome to Tangalle, Sri Lanka’s hidden gem filled with pristine beaches, incredible wildlife encounters, and fascinating cultural experiences.

This idyllic coastal retreat boasts a mixture of thrilling activities and serene relaxation spots for all types of travelers. In this blog post, we will reveal the top attractions in Tangalle that you simply cannot miss while exploring Sri Lanka’s enchanting south coast.

Top 10 Things to do In Tangalle

Experience the best of Tangalle with these top 10 activities, including relaxing on Tangalle Beach, visiting the Mulkirigala Rock Temple, exploring Tangalle Lagoon, witnessing the Hummanaya Blow Hole, sunbathing on Goyambokka Beach, discovering Dickwella and Talalla South beaches, visiting Dondra Head Lighthouse and Silent Beach and supporting conservation efforts at Rekawa Turtle Conservation Project.

1. Relax On Tangalle Beach

Tangalle Beach, often regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka, is one of the best places to visit in Tangalle for travelers seeking solace and unmatched natural beauty.

The pristine shoreline boasts powdery white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters that are perfect for leisurely strolls, sunbathing sessions, or simply lounging by the palm trees with your favorite book.

Besides relaxation, Tangalle Beach offers excellent opportunities for water lovers to explore its vibrant underwater ecosystem through snorkeling offshore. Swim amongst colorful coral reefs teeming with diverse marine life or try your luck at catching sight of turtles gliding gracefully through the waters nearby Rekawa turtle-watching beach.

Tangalle Beach in Sri Lanka

2. Visit The Milkirihala Rock Temple

A visit to the Mulkirigala Rock Temple is a must-do experience when exploring Tangalle, Sri Lanka. This ancient temple, recognized as an archaeological site by UNESCO, features painted caves and is surrounded by lush green coconut plantations.

To make the most out of your visit to Mulkirigala Rock Temple, consider taking a full-day trip that includes not only the archaeological excavation but also a chance to explore its vibrant painted caves.

As you climb up through the seven terraces on which this impressive monument rests, marvel at how it towers 160 feet above its surroundings.

Mulkirigala Rock Temple in Tangalle Sri Lanka

3. Explore The Tangalle Lagoon

Tangalle Lagoon offers an ideal setting for a variety of fun and engaging water activities, making it a must-visit attraction in Tangalle.

Surrounded by stunning mangroves, the Tangalle Lagoon is also home to various species of turtles that can be spotted while enjoying your time there. Anantara Peace Haven Resort even provides guests with surfing experiences within the lagoon as part of their activity offerings.

Tangalle Lagoon in Sri Lanka

4. Witness The Hummanaya Blow Hole

Be prepared to be amazed by the power of nature at the Hummanaya Blow Hole in Tangalle, Sri Lanka. It is one of the top 10 must-do activities that should not be missed.

As the only known natural blowhole in Sri Lanka, it creates quite a spectacle that visitors will never forget. This impressive blowhole was created by seawater forced through a natural underground tunnel and emerges with a thunderous roar as high as 160 feet into the air.

Fun fact: The Hummanaya Blow Hole is actually classified as the second largest blowhole in the world!

Hummanaya Blow Hole in Tangalle Sri Lanka

5. Sunbathe On Goyambokka Beach

If you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxing day by the beach in Tangalle, then Goyambokka Beach is a must-visit destination. This gorgeous beach boasts clear turquoise waters and soft white sand that’s perfect for sunbathing.

Aside from sunbathing, Goyambokka Beach is also great for swimming. Its calm waters make it an ideal spot for families with kids who want to splash around safely. Plus, there are several vendors selling refreshing drinks and yummy snacks such as coconut water, fresh fruit, and seafood delicacies that you can enjoy while soaking up some sunshine.

Goyambokka Beach in Tangalle Sri Lanka

6. Discover Dickwella

Dickwella is a charming coastal town that boasts a myriad of activities and attractions for travelers. The town offers some of the best beaches in Tangalle, where visitors can swim in crystal-clear waters or bask on the white sandy shores.

Some of the must-visit locations include Wewurukannala Vihara, home to Sri Lanka’s largest Buddha statue, and Korale Spa where you can enjoy a relaxing Ayurvedic treatment by the beach or even see turtles nesting at Rekawa Beach during April to July.

There are also several luxury resorts and local markets offering delicious seafood and souvenirs for tourists to explore while in Dickwella.

Dickwella in Sri Lanka

7. Swim At Talalla South

Talalla South is one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka, where you can swim and enjoy clear and calm waters. While most of the beach areas in Tangalle are not ideal for swimming due to high waves, Talalla South stands out as a perfect spot for those who want to dip their toes into the ocean.

The beach is protected by natural rocks that prevent oncoming waves from crashing onto the shore, making it safe for swimmers of all levels.

Aside from swimming, there are plenty of other activities to do at Talalla South Beach. You can relax under the sun while sipping your favorite drink or take part in some water sports like surfing and boogie boarding.

For those seeking more adventurous experiences, diving or snorkeling in nearby areas will be worth exploring too.

Talalla South Beach IN Sri Lanka

8. Visit The Dondra Head Lighthouse

A visit to the Dondra Head Lighthouse is an absolute must-do when exploring Tangalle. Standing tall at a height of 160 feet, this towering white structure offers panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and the surrounding area.

This popular tourist attraction should not be missed if passing through the town of Dondra. Be sure to bring your camera to capture some stunning photos while you climb up its winding staircases with breathtaking views from various levels.

Dondra Head Lighthouse in Tangalle Sri Lanka

9. Enjoy A Peaceful Day At Silent Beach

Silent Beach in Tangalle is a must-visit for anyone seeking peace and tranquility on their Sri Lanka vacation. This beautiful beach is famous for its crystal clear turquoise waters, white sand, and swaying palm trees that make it a picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Visitors can spend an entire day lounging on the soft sand or taking a dip in the calm waters while soaking up the sun.

For those interested in exploring more than just the beach, there are several other things to do around Silent Beach. Exploring nearby mangrove forests, bird watching at Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary, and turtle watching at Rekawa Beach are all options worth considering.

10. Visit The Rekawa Turtle Conservation Project

Visiting the Rekawa Turtle Conservation Project is a must-do activity when in Tangalle. This conservation project aims to protect nesting sites and baby turtles along the beach, and visitors can witness these incredible creatures up close.

The turtle conservation project has a long history of success, having carried out the first survey of the tortoiseshell trade in Sri Lanka back in 1994. Its work has helped raise awareness about marine conservation and protect vital habitats for endangered sea turtles.

Visitors can take part in nightly patrols with trained staff, allowing them to experience firsthand how scientists study sea turtles’ behavior.

Rekawa Turtle Conservation Project in Tangalle Sri Lanka

Best Places To Stay In Tangalle

There are plenty of accommodation options in Tangalle, ranging from affordable to luxurious. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for high-end amenities, there’s something suitable for every traveler.

Affordable Accommodation Options

Looking for affordable accommodation in Tangalle? No worries, as there are plenty of options to choose from! Here are some of our top recommendations:

  1. Palm Paradise Cabanas & Villas Beach Resort – Offers cozy and comfortable cabanas and villas right on the beach, with rates starting at $30 per night.
  2. Coco Tangalla – A charming boutique hotel that features a beautiful garden and swimming pool, with rooms starting at $100 per night.
  3. Mawella Beach Resort – Provides beachfront bungalows with modern amenities like air conditioning and free Wi-Fi, starting at $75 per night.
  4. Golden Pearl Tangalle Beach – Offers simple yet elegant rooms with balconies overlooking the ocean, with prices starting at $80 per night.

With these affordable accommodation options in Tangalle, you can enjoy your stay without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Luxury Accommodation Options

If you’re looking for a luxurious stay in Tangalle, you won’t be disappointed with the options available. Here are some of the best luxury accommodation options to consider:

  1. Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort – This resort boasts a beachfront location and offers stunning sea views from its rooms and villas. The resort has 152 rooms, including suites and pool villas, all featuring modern amenities such as air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and free Wi-Fi.
  2. Cape Weligama – A Relais & Châteaux property located on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean. The resort has 39 suites and villa residences, each with its own private infinity pool and personalized butler service.
  3. Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa – Located just outside of Tangalle, this resort offers spacious rooms with balconies overlooking the golf course or the Indian Ocean. The resort boasts an 18-hole golf course, multiple restaurants and bars, as well as an extensive spa.
  4. Amanwella – A luxury hotel located on a secluded crescent-shaped beach in Tangalle with just 30 spacious suites featuring private plunge pools and terraces with scenic views of the beach.
  5. Talalla Retreat – A boutique hotel located on a pristine beach offering yoga retreats, spa treatments, surfing lessons and more along with elegant eco-chic accommodations including villas and beach houses.

With such incredible options for luxury accommodations in Tangalle, you can indulge yourself during your stay while enjoying all that this beautiful destination has to offer!

Best Places To Eat In Tangalle

Some of the best places to eat in Tangalle include tasting the local cuisine at Tangalle Market and enjoying fresh seafood at beachside restaurants.

Local Cuisine At Tangalle Market

Tangalle’s daily market is a must-visit for foodies looking to taste the local cuisine. The market offers fresh fish caught by fishermen that morning, which can be cooked right in front of you by some of the vendors.

The catch of the day typically includes red snapper, tuna, and kingfish, among other varieties. In addition to seafood, there are various fruits and vegetables on offer that are grown locally.

Visitors can try dishes like kottu roti (a spicy mixture of chopped roti bread with vegetables and meat), string hoppers (steamed rice noodles), and hopper (a crispy pancake with an egg cracked into it).

For authentic Tangalle cuisine made by locals, head to Tangalle Rice & Curry restaurant where the owner’s mother cooks traditional Sri Lankan dishes using her secret recipes passed down through generations.

Fresh Seafood At Beachside Restaurants

One of the most exciting activities for foodies visiting Tangalle is indulging in fresh seafood dishes at beachside restaurants. Tangalle offers a vast and varied dining scene, with an abundance of great seafood options.

Some of the best seafood restaurants in Tangalle include The Trees Restaurant, Oceana Beach Café and seafood restaurant, Mango Shade, Vibes, Cactus Lounge, Turtle Landing, and Golden Pearl Tangalle Beach restaurant which specializes in both local and international cuisine with comfortable seating arrangements on the beachfront.

In addition to these well-known spots, there are many roadside cafes and smaller eateries where you can enjoy freshly caught fish and other delicious Sri Lankan staples like rice and curry.

Experience The Best Of Tangalle With These Must-Do Activities And Accommodations

Tangalle is a perfect destination for travelers who love beaches, natural attractions, and wildlife. From stunning beaches like Goyambokka Beach and Silent Beach to historic landmarks like Mulkirigala Rock Temple and Dondra Head Lighthouse, Tangalle offers plenty of activities that will leave you spellbound.

Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly or luxury accommodations, Tangalle has something to offer all types of visitors. Additionally, don’t miss the chance to savor some delicious Sri Lankan cuisine at local restaurants.