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If you have ever tried to make money online by promoting a “make-money” system but it didn’t crank out the cash the way it was supposed to or the way you hoped, then keep reading because this article will explain why.

Let’s look at how serious money gets made when you’re using a custom pre-built automated marketing system, so you too can start joining in on the profits.

We’re talking about affiliate marketing and network marketing systems, and any other system that has a pre-built lead capture page, sales presentation, and an automated email follow.

Before we get into that, here’s another question you may be thinking about…

“How Come Those Systems Work for Some People, but don’t for you?”

So, here’s the deal…

If you provide value CONSISTENTLY through emails, and on social media, then yes, you can and will make a lot of money by referring a high-quality system that sells something of value and not just hyped up hot air.

Because the people that you have already built that relationship with already like and trust you and your recommendations.

This Should be Obvious But Just In Case, It’s Not…

The information or value you’re offering should be related to the topic you are marketing – or at least related in a way to the opportunity.

There needs to be a group of people who find value in what you are offering or providing (i.e. useful information) either on an automated email sequence or through your social media.

It can’t just be motivational or inspiring posts, that’s not valuable enough. It also can’t be something that is common knowledge, it needs to be something substantial.

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if you’re not providing value to a group of people, how do you expect to ever see enough sales when you recommend a new opportunity?

“But they Said with the System I could just Post About It Online or Advertise and I would make MONEY on Auto-Pilot…”

Ah yes, that sounds like something that should work right? How come you can’t just promote the systems lead capture page and have it start making sales on your behalf? Why doesn’t it work like that?

The answer very is simple…

These done for you systems do a really poor job of building a relationship with your prospects on autopilot. And almost all of them are way “overhyped” so it’s impossible to gain or establish any real trust with your prospects, so it’s only appealing to those who already know the person personally recommending it.

OK, sure…

If enough people go through the system you WILL get sign-ups. “It’s simply a numbers game,” you might be thinking.

But can you get enough people into the system so it pays you enough to make it all worth it? Most likely the answer is… No.

Unless you have an idea on how to set it upright so you are building relationships with your new prospects through automation FIRST, and then moving them onto the system you’re promoting. Then you will more than likely join the big money earners, but not before you have solved that part.

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Sometimes the System Does a Good Job of Building the Relationship But With the Creator Of the System (And Not You)…

If this is happening, you are setting yourself up to fail even if you’re having short term success.

Here’s what you’re not getting…

The big money is usually made on the back-end.

The ‘back-end’ refers to sales and money earned that is generated from selling other offers like additional products, affiliate programs or even network marketing opportunities (it’s your choice what you promote)… over a lifetime.

It’s actually where the MOST of the money is made.

This part of the strategy is what we call Cashflow Optimization and it allows you to increase the Average Lead Value (what each lead earns you). This is an important part of the Online Success Strategy that you have to be following if you’re wanting to make serious life-changing income.

It will only if YOU are building relationships with your list, through automation. And this is were most systems break down because they don’t accommodate for this because it’s just too hard for them to help you get that part dialed in.

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It’s Absolutely OK if you are leveraging a system that someone else has built and they are doing the sales videos because it needs to be able to build a relationship between the systems presenter and your prospects. You want this happening as it will increase your commissions.

It Can’t Stop There!

You have to be automating the entire process of building relationships with the list you’re building.

Yo need to be the person who is introducing the system and the one who they are hearing from.

You also have to be offering value to your list over time so they continue to buy from you over time. This is how you create a substantial online income (with multiple automated income streams)

This is where you start making really big money.

And how you win BIG.

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