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You might have heard of how my business partner Mike came across a marketing strategy 25 years ago that is still being used today in almost every successful online business campaign you see online.

This was when he was first starting out selling nutritional products. He recalls learning a strategy that he picked up years earlier on one of those late-night infomercials. The guy from the infomercial claimed if you can just make one good classified ad – even if this ad was just doing better than breaking even – you could make massive profits by posting that ad in different publications.

So Mike Tried It…

By placing a small ad selling nutritional supplements for kids in parents’ publications. He kept tweaking the ad until he found the winning formula. The one ad

He placed a tiny ad selling kids’ nutritional supplements in parent publications. He made tweaks to it until he found a winning ad. It just made a profit but when he duplicated his ad over multiple publications things started to add up fast.

But the upfront returns were not enough. When things really started to get profitable is when he started building a mailing list from the buyers who had bought off him, this allowed him to market additional products to them without buying more ads. This is where the big money was made.

Hint: This Still Works Today

This strategy is still be used today by all the top online marketers and is the basis of the same online success strategy we use today. You don’t need to be making all the money upfront with whatever you are selling. You make the big money on the back end with your email list.

Most people fail because they don’t understand this simple concept even if they were on track initially. They quit before even promoting more offers to their list, where they could have increased what we call their lead value (or customer) value to make enough to cover all your business and living expenses, where you are then in a position to start scaling up.

It’s all about creating multiple streams of income.

All The Successful Online Marketers Use It

Every successful coach, course creator, consultant, author, influencer, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs that are using online marketing are implementing the success strategy that Mike started using 25 years ago online.


Building a list, Selling online, and having everything automated to scale up fast… It’s not a mystery. It’s a simple strategy. And this is the same strategy used every time. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing Instagram, Facebook, Kartra, chatbots, Clickfunnels, webinars, whatever… if it’s successful, it’s because they are implementing the success strategy.

One of the most important components of the online success strategy is Cashflow Optimization. Without this, you have nothing. There won’t be any consistent growth or stable cashflow coming in without this.

Cashflow Optimization is the KEY to Successful Online Marketing

If you are doing marketing online and you are not tracking what each lead is making you (Average Lead Value) then you are really flying blind. You won’t be able to increase the amount you are earning per lead with any element of control. Your not able to work towards the zero-cost ad strategy (When the ads are being covered by the sales like Mike did when he was selling those nutritional supplements 25 years ago.). This means you can’t scale up! And predict your income targets.

Without knowing your Average Lead Value with tracking and implementing the cashflow optimization, you will have no idea about how you can improve results. And this is how most people online are marketing. It’s no wonder why so many are failing and giving up.

Taking Control Of What You Earn!

You cannot expect to get great results without tracking the lead value and implementing Cashflow Optimization so you can accurately predict and take control over making more money online with every lead coming in.

Heres a snapshot from a class my business partners created that goes over the simple Cashflow Optimization steps. These are the 5 ways to increase your lead value so you can predict and take control of how much you earn online.

ways to optimize cashflow

To be able to successfully implement this strategy you will need a marketing funnel system as we have talked about in the previous article. I recommend using Kartra as the online marketing platform of choice because it’s equipped with everything needed in one place.

In the next article I will go deeper into how to track your lead value and then increase you’re earning with Cashflow Optimization Incrementally.

Keep moving forward and as we walk you through the steps you’ll be able to increase cash flow with as much skill and control as you can drive a car.

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