Increasing lead value

If you are wanting to make a lot more money from your online marketing…

And you want control over hitting the income targets you want…

You MUST be focusing on tracking the Average Lead Value and your Average Customer Value.

Customer Value & Average Lead Value

The Average Customer Value or Average Lead Value is exactly what it sounds like… It knowing what each lead or customer earns you on average.

The goal is tracking this important data so you can increase the lead value.

Let me be totally honest with you… You are doing online marketing wrong if you’re not doing this process. And this is exactly why most people trying to make money online are struggling with their business.

Here are the 5 things you can do that will directly increase lead value.

As soon as you start tracking your customer and lead value, you will be able to apply the Cashflow Optimization to significantly increase what you earn. This is exactly how you can predict and control how much income you want to make.

This Method Applies to ALL Businesses…

You might be new to making money online, a coach, agency, consultant, affiliate marketer, or doing network marketing – it doesn’t matter what method you are currently doing… you ain’t going to make it if you can’t track and incrementally increase what you are earning from your customers and leads.

If your serious about succeeding online and crushing your goals, no matter what they may be, you have to be tracking your lead value. The only question is… “How do I do that?”

How to Track Your Lead Value So You Can Start Predicting Your Income

The first thing you need is a marketing funnel and system, this is the key and don’t listen to anybody that tells you any different.

If anyone is doing well online and they’re telling you that you don’t need a funnel and they don’t work, then guaranteed they have a funnel of their own but just not telling you.

You can’t make the big money without a marketing funnel. Period.

Meaning you can’t increase what you are making online and predict how much you can earn per lead without the funnel.

Making it really hard if you’re not doing it the way all the top online marketers are.

So What Exactly Does a Marketing Funnel Do?

A marketing funnel totally automates the process of attracting people to what you have to offer while educating them about it, and make it really easy for them to buy.

Inside of that funnel, you can add multiple offers, and know the metrics of how it’s performing so you can test different parts of it so you can constantly improve what the funnel earns you. It’s a really big deal.

If you’re not doing this and you’re trying to make money online then you’re not really marketing in a way that sets you up to win.

There are two options for you to set-up a marketing funnel:

  1. Setup the funnel on your own WordPress site (the majority of websites are run on WordPress)
  2. Use a system that is specificaly like Kartra or Clickfunnels (Kartra is far better than Clickfunnels).

    * I use WordPress and Kartra but you can choose just one. We’ll return to how to know which is best to choose for you.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Marketing Funnel & How it Automatically Produces Income (While Letting You Increase that Income with Contol and Predictability)

A marketing funnel will have a number of pages and components to it. Listed below are some of the most important features to help you understand how this all works…

Lead Capture Pages

This is how you collect your leads email, or whatever specific information you need like answers to questions. You collect their email so they will then be automatically followed up with a series of emails that allows them to get to know you better and learn more about what you offer… and of course make it easy for them to buy.

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something you offer for free (or really low cost) in exchange for their email. The lead magnet offer something useful for your prospect in the form of some sort of training by, ebook, webinar, or videos. It can even be a physical product like a book tht you ship to them if they pay the shipping. A free consultation, but I would only recommened this if you are selling hight ticket items (products or services that are $1000 and udualy setup with a recurring $1000 per month)

Landing Page

The landing page is where a person ends up after they enter their email. It’s an important part of the funnel because this is where you setup the Ad Tracking or other “traffic pixels” so the system tracks where the leads are coming from and what marketing to them is needed to be performed. Adding the tracking pixel doesn’t just let you know which ads and social media marketing is doing the best, which obviously is important. It also allows you to test and help you make improvements to different areas of the funnel. Tracking is key to increasing how much you earn and improving the automation so you can put in leass effort to do it.


Now you are able to track what Lead Capture Pages (and also other pages) are giving you the best results. You are able to then test different “Lead Magnets” to look at which brings in more leads or people who are more likely to purchase. You can test different email followups in your sequence, and different sales pages. This makes it no longer a guessing game and you knowing exactly what you need to do to get better results and make more money. Kartra is the premium tool which makes this simler to do than ever before, but this can also be done with WordPress and another tool called ClickMagick to get a similar result.

Cashflow Optimization

Once tracking is in places in your system, which is just using the simple tracking tools in the specific locations withing your funnel, you can then employ Casflow Optimization. There are Five simple steps that allows you to increase what you are eaning.

With the Marketing funnel and tracking setup, you can determine how much you want to earn by using Cashflow Optimization. You now have the data and know how much you earn per leads and customer, and most importantly, know if simple changes to different parts of the funnel makes you more per lead or not. If it does you keep it and use another Casflow Optimization step. If not you don’t use it. This is how you determine how much you earn with less and less effort. You are now doing what the pros do and have removed the guesswork.

It’s impossible to fail if you implement this because the data is telling you what to do.

Get the exact same Marketing Funnel We Use – that is already to go and setup for you!

Learn more about how we can help you own your own Marketing Funnel System to sell what YOU want to offer (coaching, events, consulting, events, products, etc)

Learn how we can help you build your own Marketing Funnel System to sell what YOU offer (coaching, consulting, book, events, product, etc)

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