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In our last post titled, “The Online Success Strategy,” we went over 7 things every online marketer and entrepreneur who is successful online is using.

Today, we’ll be sharing with YOU how you can put this into action for yourself, and start crushing it online and winning the marketing game.

It’s not just a dream. It’s a simple strategy. And it’s impossible to fail if you follow it because the nature of the strategy allows for incremental progress towards the result you are after, which is your targeted income goal, with clear and constant feedback on where you’re at, just like you would see on the dashboard of your car. Once it’s all in place you just steer.

Here is what every online marketer that is successful online has in place…


  • Are building an email list
  • Relationship building with the list through automation
  • Marketing and making sales through automation
  • Implementing Cashflow optimization to incrementally increase what they are earning for every lead and customer
  • Have multiple streams of income generated on the ‘back-end’ (which means they automate more offers being sold to their list)
  • Track what they earn per lead and customer
  • Test, re-test, and incrementally increase what they earn per lead

When you know how to do this you can literally hit very high-income targets predictably and consistently.

Let’s be clear:

If you’re not doing each of the above you’re not marketing in a way that guarantees success. You can’t create reliable, scalable results without all of this list in place.

But if you implement the above correctly, you can pretty much write your own ticket.

So, where to begin?

There are only TWO OPTIONS if you’re going to put a marketing system together (and by the way, that’s exactly what this is — your own marketing system).

You either:

1. Set this up on WordPress (I can help with that if that time should come)

2. Or, you can use a hosted solution like Clickfunnels or Kartra

* I recommend Kartra over Clickfunnels or Leadpages. We’ll discuss why in a later post. For now, let’s make sure you understand how this all works.

Basic Marketing Funnel Review

If you understand the Marketing Funnel, skip down to the next section.

The Marketing Funnel is what allows you to automate the marketing and sales process. I know some of you have used marketing funnels that were provided to you by a network marketing company or “money-making system,” but as you’ve learned these rarely work “FOR YOU” even if they worked for others before you. We’ll discuss exactly why that is in another upcoming article titled, “Why Most Marketing Systems Don’t Work.”

I know a lot of you understand the basic marketing funnel, but not everyone does. So let’s start here:

1. You need a lead magnet.

This is something you offer free to people online in exchange for their email address. You want their email address so you can build a list (a key component to the online success strategy). You need their email to deliver what you promised, but this also puts you in a position to sell other offers while providing more helpful stuff to your list over time. All of this can be automated.

Multiple Income Streams Is Key…

Whether you realize it or not, putting ongoing multiple offers in front of your email list is where the big money is being made online. From Jack Canfield to Bob Proctor, onto Brendon Burchard and myself, it’s what increases what you earn per lead… giving you the resources to pay for ads and free up your lifestyle while helping those on your list find things that help them get what they want.

If you’re in network marketing, affiliate marketing, or selling your own coaching, consulting, courses or products of any kind online, you can’t succeed at marketing online without all this in place.

I’m sure you’ve entered your email into many ‘opt-in’ forms to get something free. That was a lead magnet you were after. Typically you’d have to create the lead magnet on your own but we have solutions to create this for you. This can be a free webinar, video, PDF download, or anything that your audience would want access to. If your audience is in nutrition, it would be related to health or wellness. If you’re wanting to attract real estate investors, it would be free information they’d be interested in. We’ll return to how you create a powerful lead magnet in an upcoming post.

2. You need a Lead Capture & Thank You page

The webpage you entered your email on is called a lead capture page. And the page they landed on confirming the email was received is often called a ‘Thank you’ page. These pages allow you to ‘automate’ the marketing and lead generation process. It all works behind-the-scenes as you’re asleep, working on other things, or doing whatever else you might be doing. The marketing funnel is key to gaining the leverage you need to market successfully as well as to have some eventual freedom in your day once it’s all in place.

3. You need a Sales Page or many Sales Pages

The name of this important page speaks for itself. This is the webpage designed to present the offer and where the purchase is made. This allows for sales automation, which is key to the entire strategy. This is how you literally get to “make money while you sleep.” Millions of people are leveraging this online today. It’s no Sasquatch.

4. Other Landing Page

Other pages will comprise a complete marketing funnel, such as the page people land on after they purchase. And there may be other pages that present more offers before someone completes the first purchase (referred to as upsells and downsells). There may also be other pages people see after clicking on a link in one of your emails, which might provide a video that gives them more value, and that can lead to other offers for purchase. The point is you must have a marketing funnel in place to automate the marketing and sales process and to do that your best option is to use either a WordPress blog or an all-in-one solution like Kartra.

Sound Difficult?

If you think this is all a lot to put in place you’re right. But you don’t have to go it alone.

In fact, we can literally give you our system that you can personalize as if it were your own. You can use marketing funnel templates designed for different markets and industries. You can use systems that already have the cash flowing links to sales offers built-in, along with the emails, lead magnets, with each of the marketing funnel pages already included.

You still need to personalize it so it’s completely yours, and you need to know how to drive traffic and manage it properly. This means knowing how to track your lead value (what you earn per lead) and how to increase your lead value to hit your income targets. But creating the system itself is no longer the hard part.

We can teach you how to drive your marketing system.

But first things first…

Here’s that list again of everything a successful marketing system has in place.

It must allow you to:

  • Build a list
  • Set it up so relationships are growing through automation
  • Automate the marketing and sales
  • Use Cashflow optimization to incrementally increase what they earn per lead and customer
  • Have multiple streams of income generated on the ‘back-end’ (which means they automate more offers being sold to their list)
  • Track what they earn per lead and customer
  • Test, re-test, and incrementally increase what they earn per lead

Having your own marketing funnel located either on your own WordPress blog or a system like Kartra allows you to do all of the above.

But here’s a fact:

If you don’t have your own marketing funnel system in place you absolutely cannot and should not be marketing. You can’t win long-term without it.

In our next upcoming posts, I’m going to hone in on these particular areas of the system so you understand what these are and how you do it right…

  • Set it up so relationships are growing through automation
  • Use Cashflow optimization to incrementally increase what is earned per lead and customer
  • Have multiple streams of income generated on the ‘back-end’ (which means automating the sales of more offers to the list)
  • Track what you earn per lead and customer
  • Test, re-test, and incrementally increase what they earn per lead

I’ll also soon be sharing a free two-hour class that will really dive deep into all this, ensuring once and for all you get it.

Bookmark this page and check your email for my next blog post. This information is life-changing. It certainly changed my life and I’ve watched up close as it changes the lives for hundreds of others, and millions of others across the industry.

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