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Do You Want to Support Our Work?


Looking for the best way to support our YouTube channel? Patreon allows you to pledge an amount for each video we produce YouTube. Click the button below to learn more about becoming a Patron.


The quickest way to support us is with Paypal, they take the fewest amount of fees so we get almost the full amount you send. You can click the PayPal button below and send us some money that we’ll put towards growing the channel.

Become an Uncut Member

If you want more videos, we upload raw and uncut videos to our membership site that don’t make the vlogs. Becoming an uncut member is one of the best ways of supporting us directly.


Buying something on Amazon? Click the button below to use our affiliate link and we’ll receive 5% of everything you buy off Amazon in the next 24 hours.

Airbnb (BOTH of us get FREE money)

This is a win-win for both of us! If you’re new to Airbnb, you should join up. It’s a great way to save money when traveling and have a more unique experience. Click the button below to sign up using our link and get rewarded $40 off your first stay, and we’ll receive credits added to our account (after you complete your stay).


Agoda is our favorite website for booking hotels. If you are booking accommodation and want to support (at no extra cost to you), please use our button below to start your next Agoda booking and we will get a small commission from it.


Booking.com and Agoda are our goto websites for booking accommodation If you’d like to use booking.com to book your next hotel, please click on the button below. Once you complete a booking using our link we’ll get a small commission from Booking.com! It doesn’t cost you any extra money, and we get a little percentage added to our travel funds.


We really don’t “expect” anyone to support us at all financially, but if you are in a position and you want to support the growth of the channel, we’ll be truly grateful!


Adam and Sai