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Income Report | February 2020

This our second-month doing income reports. But before we jump into the income report, let me start by saying the purpose of this income report is not to brag about how much money we’re making. Trust me making money solely from Youtube in the travel niche is not a great way to make money. We got a really positive response from the January income report so we will keep posting them.

Why Are We Writing Monthly Income Reports?

I feel like it’s important and we should tell you why I have chosen to start writing income reports.

We have basically been traveling two years and my goal was to see the world and document the journey, so money was never a factor. Our Youtube channel has really taken off we never expected that, and I now get people every day asking me how we manage to make enough money to travel full time.

My goal for 2020 is to start helping others to start making money online so they can start living their lives on their terms, I have even started a new channel which will be dedicated to helping people make money online. If you have ever wanted to make money online be sure to subscribe to the new channel here.

I am doing these income reports for these reasons:

  • To keep me on track with my business goals
  • To give you an insiders look at this type of online business
  • To hopefully, inspire someone that wants to make money online

Once our Youtube channel started to grow our goal was to be able to make enough money to cover the expenses of our travels, so we could continue to travel and produce more videos. I didn’t want my channel just to show me traveling and living the lifestyle, but I wanted to inspire others too along the way.

I realize that travel is not for everyone, so if you’re one of those people you can still get a lot out of reading these income reports. I want to inspire people to think about what they really want out of life and encourage them to go after it.

Based on the feedback from emails, Instagram, and Facebook messages I receive I know people are wanting to know how to make money online so they can live a lifestyle of time freedom too. Not just to travel but so they can pursue whatever they’re passionate about.

One of the other reasons I am starting the income reports is to show people I’m not some rich guy with unlimited funds and prove to people they can do it too. We will be sharing how two average people can travel the world and grow an online business at the same time.

Income Report

1. YouTube Ad Revenue – $6,630.60 (+1,684.83)

Our channel’s growth and ad revenue had been pretty stable for the last year, we usually post 1-2 videos per week but have been trying to consistently post two videos per week for the last few months.

Youtube pays monthly usually around the 21st of the Month so the Ad revenue you see comes from December 15 to January 15. The last quarter of the year historically has the best ad rates.

Our best video for the month was from our series in Bali called “Khao Kho Thailand Is Beautiful” It currently has over One hundred and thirty thousand views.

When a video goes semi-viral like this it’s not just the ad revenue that is a bonus, but the number of new people it brings to our channel, who then go onto watch more videos and become new subscribers.

2. Patreon & PayPal – $101.81 (-$50.65)

It’s sometimes scary to put so much effort into building our Channel on Youtube as we don’t own the platform. We are at the mercy of the algorithm, and we don’t have much control over how many views they send our way.

This is why we’re really grateful for our patrons! Although we don’t have a lot of patrons supporting the channel we are so thankful to those who are helping. Thanks to their support, we can count on a consistent income every month no matter what Youtube does.

If your not familiar with how Patreon works, it’s a platform that allows people to support their favorite creator’s work and helps them carry on creating.

CLICK HERE to find out more about becoming a patron!

3. The Holistic Trainer Uncut – $529.62 (+$47.58)

The holistic trainer uncut is our membership site that we post all the videos we don’t upload to Youtube. This gives our members a place to get more behind the scenes and see more videos from us. If you would like to learn more about our Uncut videos you can visit the website here: The Holistic Trainer Uncut

4. Affiliate Income – $20.31 (Minus Legendary Marketer Earnings)

The majority of our affiliate income comes from promoting Legendary Marketer, so we are not focused on the smaller affiliate income like Amazon, and Agoda. Since we shared this last month we have had a lot of people jump in, and it’s great seeing them now starting their own online businesses doing it the right way.

Legendary Marketer helps people start a profitable online business and is perfect for anyone who wants to start an online business but doesn’t know where to begin. They have a 15-day online business builder challenge that I recommend you do if you’re serious about starting an online business. If you would like to know more about the challenge, make sure to check out the 15-day online business builder challenge.

Lastly, Amazon and Agoda although we haven’t really been promoting our Amazon affiliate links so we don’t make much money from this. The majority of our Amazon affiliate income comes from people visiting the following pages where we recommend the gear we use:

Travel Vlogging Gear
Do you Want to Support Our Work?

5. Online Marketing Income

Unfortunately, we cannot disclose our income from the online marketing company we are with as it’s looked at as an income claim. Find out more here about the automated system we use Residual Income Solution

Total January Income – $7,282.34

That’s our February income report. Thanks to everyone that supports us. We couldn’t do this without you. Please leave and comment below if you enjoy the income reports, and let us know what you think.

Do you like these reports? I want to provide what you need to help you build your own online business, so I want to know what helps you accomplish your goals.

Thanks for reading all this!

Mount Batur In Bali Sunrise Trekking

No matter where in Bali you are staying, doing a Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour is a must. The two-hour hike up the volcano in the middle of the night is truly an experience you will never forget. It’s a truly magical way to spend a morning in Mount Batur in Bali, Indonesia. In this blog post, I will share our experience and give you all the details you need to know before your Mount Batur sunrise trek.

Mount Batur In Bali


Booking a Mount Batur tour is the best way to go and you will have your own guide. The Mount Batur trekking tours are inexpensive and well worth the memories you will get in return. All up we paid $150 USD for three people, which included the tour, breakfast, and private transportation to and from Mount Batur to your hotel.


Mount Batur Volcano is located in the north of Bali in the District of Kintamani. It took us just over a 1-hour drive from Sanur and is about a 2-hour drive from Seminyak/Canggu, and around 1-hour from Ubud. Mount Batur is also known as Gunung Batur, along with Mount Agung it’s one of the most active volcanos in Bali.


The best way to get to Mount Batur is through a tour. This will include pick up from your hotel, the trek up Mount Batur with a guide, and return to your hotel. You could also make your own way there, or rent a scooter for $5-6 per day. But keep in mind it gets very cold in the early hours of the morning.


Mount Batur will take around two hours in total to climb up. The first 30-45 minutes is pretty flat and relatively easy. It can be quiet challenging as you get closer to the top and if your fitness is not great this will test you.

If you don’t think your fitness is up to it you can take a motorbike. It will take you almost the whole way up, and even down if you wish.

Mount Batur Motorbike

The motorbike costs extra if you wish to take it up it costs 350,000 IDR ($24.71 USD). There are plenty of motorbike taxis and the will be riding by and asking you if you want to take the bike up.

The entire hike up and down took us around 5-6 hours but we took lots of time taking breaks and stops for photos.


At 145 am we got picked up from our hotel in Sanur. We took a private car so it was just us and we didn’t have to go around to a bunch of different hotels picking up people like other tours. It only took us one hour to arrive at the jump-off point as there is no traffic at this time in the morning. We assembled here and was offered pancakes with coffee and tea.

After that, we got driven up to the start of the trek where we had a briefing and got offered to rent jackets because it gets really called at the top before the sun comes up.

We then set off into the dark with flashlights and our guide around 4 am. It was really cold and most people are wearing long pants and jackets.

The first 30-minutes of the hike is pretty easy as you are just making your way past the houses and there are a few small temples you will pass. Usually, around two hundred people will set out to climb Mount Batur each day. Most people are usually going around the same speed so you don’t really realize how many people there are until you get to the top.

My boy Jordan found the trek pretty hard so I paid for a motorbike taxi to take him the rest of the way. They dropped him 90% of the way where he waited for us to arrive about 45 minutes later.

We made it the summit just before sunrise and got to witness the beginning of the Mount Batur Sunrise.

Mount Batur Sunrise

There are a lot of benches you can relax and take in the sights. Our guide prepared our breakfast for us while we took in the view. Banana sandwiches and boiled eggs were on the menu, and you can also purchase coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The breakfast is prepared in a small kitchen hut, but not all tours offer the breakfast as we had.

The sunrise was stunning and worth the trek up Mount Batur it’s self but the best was still yet to come. As the sun comes up you can also witness Mount Agung and Mount Rinjani.

Mount Batur Sunrise

Once we finished breakfast we made our way to the top of the volcano to see the steam. The steam from the volcano is really warm and you can actually burn yourself if you get too close. This was the highlight of the trip for me getting into the volcano and having the steam all around you.

From there we walked along the edge of the volcano that made for some really nice photos before we started the trek back down.

Going down is so much easier and we briefly stopped to take in the views of Lake Batur. From there we walked two hours back to the parking lot for the long drive home. We arrived back in Sanur around 11 am.

Mount Batur sunrise trek was an experience that we will never forget, the incredible adventure was well worth it. No wonder why this is one of the most popular tours in Bali.


Coron Island Hopping – Everything You Need To Know Before Going

Coron Island hopping is the major drawcard for people visiting Coron and is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to visit in the Philippines. It’s the perfect destination for those seeking crystal clear water, and untouched natural beauty. Coron island has long been popular with local tourist and backpackers looking for budget-friendly destinations in the Philippines.

We spent four days in Coron and would have loved to stay longer. The first day we stayed there we rented a scooter and visited some of the best places to visit in Coron. After doing the Island Hopping tour in El Nido we were excited to see how it compares to Coron Islands.

What Coron Island Hopping Tours To Do?

If you go on a private boat tour you can choose what locations you want to visit. There are many different group tours with the most popular being the Ultimate Island Hopping Tour in Coron and the Coron Island Escapade Tour. These are al full-day tours starting at 9 am with a return time of 5 pm.

The following destinations are the ones we attended and would recommend all these places.

Twin Lagoon – 200 pesos

This is the most popular destination for island hopping in Coron and every tour will visit the Lagoons. Entry is 200 pesos and if you arrive there early then you will get to see it at its beauty. It takes time to explore there is a lot of swimming involved from one lagoon to the next.

twin lagoon caron

Kayangan Lake – 300 pesos

The second most popular place to visit while doing Coron island hopping is Kayangan lake. This lake is made of brackish water which is a combination of salt and fresh water mixed together.

Just like in the Twin Lagoon you are required to wear a life jacket when swimming in Kayangan Lake.

Kayangan Lake Caron

Barracuda Lake – 200 pesos

If you are lucky enough like we where there is a chance you can have Barracuda Lake to yourself if the timing is right between tour boats. We did go later in the day so I think most of the tour boats had already left so we got to see the Lake in its full glory. It’s not as popular as the first two destinations but if you have it to yourself it’s a surreal experience.

Barracuda Lake Caron island hopping

Skeleton Wreck – 150 pesos

Was definitely the highlight of our trip with a WWII shipwreck you can swim to, unlike other shipwrecks where you need diving gear. There is an abundance to see with so many fish swimming around you.

skeleton wreck palawan

When the boat rolls up to the location you couldn’t see much from the surface but as soon as we entered the crystal clear water we could see the ship resting at the bottom of the sea.

skeleton wreck caron island hopping

Skeleton Wreck is a 25m Japanese ship that got hit by an Airstrike in WWII by the US airforce. It’s an awesome spot for snorkeling as the ship rests at a depth of around 5m to 22m at its deepest, it’s truly amazing to be able to experience a WWII shipwreck.

Private Island Hopping Tours vs Group Tours

In El Nido, we went on the group tour which was great but we opted for a private tour for the island hopping in Coron. We were lucky enough to meet a family wanting to do the same tour so we shared the costs and this is a much cheaper way of doing private island hopping tours.

The biggest benefit of the private tour is you can choose the exact destinations you want to visit. You can also dictate how long you want to spend at each place. When you take the group tour everything is on a schedule and you will most likely be visiting the same places as all the other tour boats at the same time.

If you are traveling solo or with a partner group tours work out much cheaper as they include all the entrance fees and costs built into the package. When you take a private boat you still need to pay the entrance fees to each location you visit. All up we paid around 2500 pesos for the private tour and you can get group tours for 1500 pesos.

What You Will Need on Your Island Hopping Tour

If you choose a group tour food and drinks will be provided, but if you are going on a private tour as we did then you will need to bring your own food. We went to the market in the morning and bought fish and pork and they cooked it on the boat for us.

coron island hopping

Bring your own snacks as it’s a long day and it’s good to have them on hand. Before you leave there is a little shop that sells snack like nuts and dried fruit. Some of the islands you visit will also sell coconuts and snacks but don’t rely on this.

If you are taking a private tour you will also need snorkeling equipment which can be rented. We rented ours from the hotel we stayed at for around 150 pesos.

Coron is a nature lover’s paradise! It has some of the clearest water you will find with corals, diverse sea life and scattered shipwrecks around the islands. This is a pure slice of heaven in the Philippines and is a must-visit destination.