Income Report | February 2020

This our second-month doing income reports. But before we jump into the income report, let me start by saying the purpose of this income report is not to brag about how much money we’re making. Trust me making money solely from Youtube in the travel niche is not a...

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Profit Platform

[2 min. read] Are you wanting to start making money online and live the laptop lifestyle... but don't know where to start? or you have tried marketing online but it all felt too complicated and overwhelming that you just went into information overload and never gained...

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Lead Generation And Automating Sales

You might have heard of how my business partner Mike came across a marketing strategy 25 years ago that is still being used today in almost every successful online business campaign you see online. This was when he was first starting out selling nutritional products....

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The Online Success Strategy

There is REALLY only ONLINE marketing strategy online. What is perceived as a variation is purely a tactic. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook ads, chatbots, groups, marketing funnels, and webinars are all tactics. NONE of this is effective if the universal online success...

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How To Market Anything

In our last post titled, "The Online Success Strategy," we went over 7 things every online marketer and entrepreneur who is successful online is using. Today, we'll be sharing with YOU how you can put this into action for yourself, and start crushing it online and...

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Affiliate Starter Blog – Start Making Money From Blogging

How would you like to be getting Google to send you FREE LEADS every single day? And what if you could do this with all the search engine such as Bing, Yahoo, and all the other ones, too. Where they literally are sending you people into what you have to OFFER, like...

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Hi, yall! We’re Adam and Sai!

adam and sai

We are so happy you are here! They call us The Holistic Trainers but deep down we are just Adam and Sai. We are full time travellers, sharing our adventures, while helping others create their own online business. With Love Adam & Sai.