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The Kartra affiliate program is currently the most attractive affiliate program in the make money online niche. This is because it allows you to generate recurring monthly commissions that pay 40%.

It also pays a 10% lifetime recurring commission for every JV partner sale! So it’s a two-tier system. So not only do you make money on your sales but you also make money on their sales.

But Kartra Offers much MORE than that…

Kartra’s platform is positioned to capture a significant share of the market in one of the fastest-growing segments online.

Most businesses are still unaware of how to fully utilize digital marketing. Most businesses don’t even have a marketing funnel or even know what it is! Kartra offers them with a premier tool.

If you have never heard of Kartra, it’s the only all-in-one online digital marketing platform on the market. Hands down it’s the most powerful platform and offers everything, unlike its competitors.

It’s priced similarly to the previous top platform – like Clickfunnels – but this gives you everything, unlike the other platforms where you will still need to buy autoresponders and other products to make it all work.

Kartra is definitely here to stay!

That means long-term recurring, life-time monthly commissions as a Kartra affiliate which very rare.

We encourage you to get started as a Kartra JV Partner (it’s free to join).

And THAT translates into long-term recurring, life-time monthly commissions for the Kartra affiliates. That’s rare.

We encourage you to start as a Kartra JV Partner (it’s free to apply).

kartra affiliate program

You can generate thousands of dollars in recurring commission per month, and even much more if you position yourself right.

How to Dominate as a Kartra JV Partner Affiliate…

Learn exactly how we are referring hundreds of people into Kartra that generates thousands of dollars MONTHLY residual income with the Katra affiliate program

Clickfunnels were the numbers one funnel system before Kartra arrived and they made a lot of people wealthy with their a referral program.

With Kartra now the premier tool you have a really unique opportunity to take advantage of their affiliate program. The time is perfect for you to create life-long affiliate commissions by referring people to Kartra.

Don’t Know Where To Start?

It’s fine because we will help you with that.

Join the Kartra JV Program here. (FREE)


Email our support team at team@predictable-system.com as soon as you have registered to become a Kartra Affiliate. Be sure to include your full name and email you used to register as a Kartra affiliate. Our team will then add you into our private Kartra support group that will show you how we’re generating affiliate commissions with Kartra

-Adam James

Learn more about Kartra here

Join my Kartra JV Network here. (FREE)

If you would like to join our team as a Kartra affiliate, follow the steps on the link above titled “Join my Kartra JV Network here.

Kartra just doesn’t accept everyone who applies because they don’t want to have people who aren’t capable of doing anything with it. There is an application process that is short, as all the top affiliate programs have in place. Once you have applied and accepted into the program you are required to log in and activate your account. This will verify your account and is an important step.

If you are wanting to take advantage of the FREE Kartra affiliate program, and learn how to generate sales and earn monthly recurring commissions, go to this page and opt-in. Follow the simple instructions on the page and everything will be emailed to you.

Don’t Miss a Step!

Follow all the instructions closely (it’s very easy to follow and simple). If you follow each step you will be accepted into the Kartra affiliate program and added to my JV partner team.

Email support if you have any questions. You will see the email once submitting the form on the link above.

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