From Frustrated 9 to 5 Lifestyle to Full Time Travel Bloggers in Less Than 1 Year

Hey there, I’m Adam, and I’m happy you found my blog! If you’re like us, you want to live your life on your own terms. You believe there is more to life than just working to pay the bills, and then pass that philosophy onto our kids. 

We believe that anybody can live the life of their dreams if they want it bad enough. Whether you want to travel the world, become a digital nomad, live a life of purpose on purpose, you’re in the right place.

This blog is a resource to help you on your journey. We write about traveling the world, giving you travel hacks, tips, and share how we are able to fund our lifestyle with our online business so you can do the same. 

Each week we publish at least one new travel post with the best travel destinations, and show you how you can reduce the cost of your next trip with our budget tips, and every month we publish our income and expense report where we share with you exactly how much money we make and spend on the road.


About Adam & Sai

I started The Holistic Trainer in 2010 when I was working as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Fitness and helping people live a healthy active lifestyle was always a passion of mine, but working long days and not being able to take extended holidays was taking its toll on me. In 2015 I started to transition my business to an online model, training clients online while I was travelling the world.

The Holistic trainer is all about teaching people to live a life of balance through movement, nutrition, sleep, and good lifestyle choices. The thing that kept showing up with every client is peoples stress over money and financial security. This is why my focus has turned from travelling the world and sharing my experience, too now showing other people how they can do it too.

I met Sai in 2015 when I was at a nutrition convention in Bangkok, she was working in the hotel I stayed at, and luckily enough for me I added her on Facebook were we where able to keep contact. Two years passed and we met up when I returned to Thailand and the rest is history.

Sai was working long hours in Thailand 10 hour days six days per week, we then put the plan together to work towards her quitting her job and travelling full time. She is now the star of our Youtube channel and also has created her own channel, and is a big contributor to the blog.


Making Money Online With Youtube & Blogging

So what made us start blogging and become online entrepreneurs? Being self-employed and owning a traditional business I was just trading time for money, and for that reason, I was always intrigued about making money online for more time freedom.

I’ve owned businesses in the traditional sense while working with my dad in his business ventures but blogging was uncharted territory for me. 

I had never blogged before and I learned everything along the way. It all started when I posted a video up on YouTube that went viral getting over 4 million views. Since then, we have never looked back because within our first month, we made over $8000.  All this was a dream come true for newbie bloggers like us at the time!

From there, we continued to grow each month (all this while traveling and enjoying life!). It came as no surprise to me that people started reaching out to me wanting to know the secret of my success so quickly, which is why we chose to start helping others achieve the same. 

I will say this, absolutely anybody can do what we are doing and I encourage everyone to start creating something of their own, even if it’s just a hobby that can later transition into a full-time money-making income stream.


Our New Mission

Our mission right now is to help 1,000 people make $10,000+ per month with Youtube and blogging. While living this lifestyle for ourselves is a dream come true, helping others and paying it forward is so much more rewarding. It takes work, but for those of you who are ready to go to the next level, it can be done. And we want to help you get there!